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If you're tired of long winter nights where darkness sets in before 5:30 pm, you'll probably be on board with a new bill introduced by State Representative Michele Hoitenga. The bill would permanently put Michigan on Daylight Saving Time.

The move would eliminate the semi-annual need to change clocks and would mean more daylight in the evening hours through the winter months.

Hoitenga, a Republican member of the Michigan House of Representatives, has introduced House Bill 4052 which would permanently put Michigan on 'Spring Forward' time. Participation in year-round Daylight Saving Time would require legislators in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to pass similar measures.

According to House Bill 4052, the change would take effect 90 days after the bill was enacted into law.

Hoitenga is a resident of Manton, which is about 10 miles north of Cadillac. She represents District 102 in Michigan, which includes parts of Mecosta County (Big Rapids) and Wexford County which is home to Cadillac.

Some studies suggest that there is an increase in traffic accideents and heart attacks in the days following the bi-annual time change. Similar measures to permanently put Michigan on either Standard Time or Dayligh Saving Time have been introduced in the past, but all have been stalled in Lansing for one reason or another.


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