Governor Snyder is spending the day today readying to put on a ceremonial tie and toot his own horn when he delivers his 4th State of the State address tonight to a joint session of the legislature.

While the governor has been quite productive in getting his agenda through, there are some issues that remain unresolved, including full funding of Snyder's road improvement proposal.  The legislature approved a fraction of the total--some $300 million--for infrastructure improvements.  But even they admit the amount is woefully inadequate for the job at hand.  Snyder wants more than a billion dollars a year for ten years for road and bridge repair.  Efforts to get an acceptable revenue stream have been unsuccessful--at least so far.

It's likely Snyder will also tout additional services and protections for the military, additional mental health funding and services, immigration proposals and education reforms.  He may also address the issue of auto insurance reform.

While State of the State addresses are designed to be more upbeat and a look back at accomplishments of the past year, this address will be of particular inportance for the Republican in making his plans known for the future as well.  He has yet to announce his plans for reelection, although most believe that will come in the days and weeks to come.

The real details of Snyder sees as the future of the state will come next month in his Budget Address.  That is where he will lay out not only what he thinks is needed to keep Michigan on the track to recovery but also how he plans to pay for those ideas.

The address begins at 7 o'clock and will be streamed live online at