Your summer trip to Houghton Lake, Traverse City, or Mackinac may take a little less time this year. Multiple reports out of the Capitol today cite bi-partisan effort to increase the speed limit on some Michigan roadways.

According to, the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee agreed to pass a bill on to the full House that would raise the speed limit on rural Michigan freeways from 70 to 80 miles per hour. In addition, some state trunk lines could see an increase from the current 55 miles per hour to 60 MPH.

A report at, the initial plan is to allow the increase on some freeways to 75 MPH, but would allow Michigan State Police to increase some areas to 80 MPH after proper safety studies. In addition, if MSP sees fit under the same circumstance, some current 55 MPH trunk lines could increase to as high as 65 MPH.

However, it's not all about speeding up. The same bill would allow local governments and administrators to decrease speed limits in school zones, and on some gravel roadways. And, your driving record may get a bit of a break as well. Currently, a speeding ticket for 5 MPH over results in two points on a Michigander's license. That would decrease to one point; 15 MPH over the limit would result in two points.

If the bill is passed, speed limits could rise by summer.