A lot of people have been wondering if their Sparty mascot would be in the MSU homecoming parade this Friday, and he will be.

Michigan Sate University has confirmed that Sparty will be taking a stroll along with the parade.

Sparty fans were told earlier over the summer that you probably wouldn't see Sparty as much as you did in events like you may have in past years.

If you're curious to why Sparty has taken a little bit of a break in the fun, you can thank the heat for that. With higher temperatures, the man or woman inside of Sparty would tend to suffer due to the higher temperatures in the heat and sun.

"He is part of homecoming I don't know how we have a homecoming without Sparty there. So yes he will be there, we need to make sure again that the students' health is safe, it's a heat issue, it's the duration of inside of the suit -- but we will make sure that Sparty is protected and he is there engaging (with) all of the community and family, " Emily Guerrant, Vice President and Spokesperson at MSU stated.

Moving forward, you should be able to see Sparty out and and about at more events, this information according to Guerrant. You can read more about the story on WILX.

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