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Life is boring so have an affair. That message was very well received on the campus of Michigan State University. It seems the folks in East Lansing are number one when it comes to those signing up to the adultery website.

Ashley Madison is the controversial website that allows married adults to hook up for extra marital affairs. It was hacked recently and now the hackers are dumping information on thousands of users out in the open for all to see. Of all the universities represented on the list, MSU is number one with 696 registered accounts. I guess those long cold winters are taking their toll.

Hey but don’t worry The University of Michigan was no slouch in the cheating spouse list. U of M also made the top ten of philanderers coming in number nine on the list with 450 accounts.

Oh- and now the hackers say the next dump of hacked Ashley Madison information will include video. Which could give all new meaning to this little diddy, ‘On the banks of the Red Cedar.'

There's a school that's known to all…’

Yep, in a biblical sense apparently!