One of the heartbreaking parts of this Covid-19 pandemic, has been the many who have died in the hospital without the comfort of loved ones. Hospitals and medical facilities around the country have maintained a no visitors rule. Many of our front line workers have been the ones to spend the final moments of a Covid-19 patient's life with them, oftentimes while a family member is on a phone and the Nurse has to tell them they passed. It’s not only tough on the patients and their families, but the front line workers in the hospital as well.

Sparrow Hospital is about to change that policy as they are going to allow their Covid-19 patients at the downtown campus one hour visits with their loved ones. Safety is their utmost concern, all visits will be structured, there are no walk-ins. All visitors will have to follow a strict screening process, and if you have Covid symptoms, you will not be approved for a visit. You will be escorted by a Sparrow healthcare professional during your whole visit.

WILX reports:

Sparrow President Alan Vierling said, ”We meet you at the door, we walk you up we have you sign a waiver because of the risk, we put you in a PAPR like a space suit, we help you get dressed, we get you into the we show you what’s safe and what’s not safe your there for a limited time.” Sparrow Hospital spokesperson John Foren says they are allowing this because they believe they have enough PPE for staff, doctors, nurses and visitors. Every patient gets a one hour visit, but there are still going to be limitations. The visits will be limited to one hour, once per week, as the hospital does not have enough employees available to escort more visitors.
Sparrow is doing a trial run with this, as time goes on and they learn new things there could be a change in limitations on Covid-19 visits, it all depends on how things go with this new plan. It’s great they are helping this way, patients getting to visit with their family should be a major morale booster for them.

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