According to the Lansing State Journal, Sparrow Health System plans to add a large outpatient surgery center just west of the main hospital in downtown Lansing.

This is going to be very impressive once it's finished. Plans will include a three story, 100,000 square foot outpatient surgery center and medical office facility.

As if Sparrow isn't big enough already, this new investment will add to Sparrow Hospital's 42 acre campus and it could top $30 million.

Sparrow Hospital alone is a 733 bed teaching hospital that provides care for the greater Mid-Michigan region.

The hospital is a subsidiary of Sparrow Health System, and is affiliated with the  College of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University.

"Sparrow plans to construct the new facility at the northwest corner of Michigan and Pennsylvania avenues. It will take the place of Sparrow Medical Supply and Childtime of Lansing." (LSJ)

Health system leaders have been talking for years about an outpatient surgery center, as outpatient surgeries have become more and more common.

When it comes down to the finished outpatient surgery center, it will be attached to the main hospital. Most likely by a skybridge.

"Leaders hope to work on designs through the winter and break ground sometime in the spring." (LSJ)

Another factor is that this new center will keep jobs in the area and could lead to job growth.

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