Many of us have heard about the false reporting concerning the Catholic high school students and the Native American over the weekend.

That Native American, Nathan Phillips told the Associated Press that he was just attempting to keep the peace between some Kentucky high school Catholic students and a black religious group that was also on the Lincoln Memorial.

It was originally reported that Mr. Phillips was seen in a truncated online video being taunted outside the Lincoln Memorial by the students.  When the full video was seen Mr. Phillips was the one who approached the students and beat on his drum.  He said he put himself between the students and a group of self-described Black Hebrew Israelites who were protesting and taking video. The Black Hebrew Israelites taunted both the Covington boys and the Native Americans who were also gathered nearby for an Indigenous People’s March.

What you may not know is Nathan Phillips, a 64-year-old Native American is actually from Ypsilanti, Michigan.  He was quoted in a Detroit News article stating:

Something caused me to put myself between (them) — it was black and white…What I saw was my country being torn apart. I couldn’t stand by and let that happen.

This is just another example heaped on the mountain of other examples how you can no longer trust what you read or even see on what used to be called news organizations.

We are now in a time when you must always wait for the full story to come out and never, ever trust what you read in any news stories.

It is sad but true that the trust between the “news” media and the people has been broken.  Let us pray that the trust we once had in our "news" organizations will be restored.  It will take a long time for that to happen but we must always hope for the best.

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