Yesterday on my radio show I spoke about the National School Walkout which will begin at 10 a.m. today and last 17 minutes to honor the 17 students and staff members killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14.

I stated that I did not believe that a school should support this “protest” as the national organizers call it.  If a school attempted to say they hold no position of support or non-support I would in fact argue that if the schools are not enforcing disciplinary procedures, just like they would if children walked out for something else, it’s a de facto sanctioning.

Dennis McDavid, the Berkley School District superintendent stated in a letter to parents that he encourages students to be actively engaged citizens.  In fact the exact language in that letter concerning this walkout and reported by the Detroit News was:

We applaud peaceful student activism and are proud that the conversation about school safety is being led by the students themselves. Through events, like this walkout, our students learn the skills they need to form, support and express their positions on issues

Can you really call it student “activism” if the authorities in that school or school district give you permission?  Who and what is really behind this walkout/protest, well I think we all know that.

In real protest there is always a possibility of a price to be paid.  Many who protest believe enough in what they are protesting that they are willing to pay that price.

Well according to the Detroit News a group of students at a Detroit suburban school are refusing to participate in what they apparently believe is a faux protest.  Those students are from Grosse Pointe North High School.

They liken this walkout/protest to a school sanctioned pep rally.  They wrote an editorial for their school paper titled “On Our Own Terms”. There is an interesting part of the editorial in which the students accuse their school district of “pushing talking points” onto the student organizers for this walkout/protest.  The purpose of this walkout was to demand new federal gun laws.

Why would the school “officials” feel the need to “push talking points” onto the students.  Is this not supposed to be coming from the students themselves or are these school officials and the national organizers using these students as pawns in their deadly game?  I am encouraged to see that some students are smart enough to see it.

One student who will not attend the walkout/protest stated in their editorial:

The students wanted to take this on as their own thing and as soon as administration watered it down, they felt as if they had lost this opportunity to be part of this movement

I am very concerned but not surprised that the ideologue that hates guns are actually using these children and teenagers as their chess pieces to water down and eventually get rid of our 2nd Amendment rights.

In fact many of whom believe you do not need a gun to defend yourself because the government is there to do so should look at the complete and total failure of the local and federal government units; Broward County Sheriff’s department, Florida’s mental health department and the FBI.

Are they the “government” that you who oppose guns are speaking about?  Did I miss one that did protect those children and teenagers?

In fact I would make the case that the children and teenagers who truly believe they need to participate in these walkouts/protests have to do so because of the failure of the adults who did not.  The adults such as politicians, state superintendents, local school district superintendents, principals and school administrators who all failed to provide safety at their schools.

Harden the schools with safety measures because the gun is not the problem, the person holding the gun is.

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