You knew this would be coming soon after Governor Whitmer signed her 147th COVID-19 Executive Order making it a crime not to wear a mask which in public indoor and crowded outdoor spaces.  Just a day later MLive is reporting that the Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbot stated that he will not be investigating violations of the Governor’s mask order and perhaps not why you think.

In fact, Sheriff Abbott said:

I knew there was going to be backlash

In a statement issued last Saturday by Sheriff Abbott read:

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office will strive to protect its citizens and ensure that the constitutional rights and civil liberties given to every American are protected. We will dedicate our services to investigating crimes against persons and property and we will not pull valuable resources away from that to investigate complaints against the Governor’s Executive Orders.

Sheriff Abbott said if you want to report masks violations in his jurisdiction you should call the state police or the state Attorney General’s office, interesting.

He is not the only police department that has better things to be investigating, the Bad Axe Police Department issued a letter last Friday informing their citizens not to contact them with complaints about people not wearing masks. They asked their citizens to call the attorney general’s office instead.

If you do call ask to speak with Dana Nessel herself to lodge your compliant I am told she wants to hear from each and every one of you, her number is 517-335-7622.

According to Whitmer's Executive Order children 5 and younger do not have to wear facemasks, apparently they are immune to this virus otherwise she would have demanded they wear them. If any governing body approaches you about not wearing a mask can you just inform them that you identify as a 5-year-old and tell them that you lost your Mommy somewhere in the store?  At that point just start crying, whimpering, and repeating the phrase I want my Mommy.  For some in a particular political party that should be fairly easy.

My concern about this particular Executive Order Whitmer has issued is the possible harm and deaths it will cause due to potential customers getting upset with the people who will not allow them in their places of business without a mask.  Remember what happened at the Family dollar store in Flint about two months ago?  A security guard was shot dead after telling a woman she needed to wear a face mask in the store.

How reckless is it that Whitmer will put more people like that security guard in danger for their life.  Have you ever gone into a coffee shop and seen who is behind the counters, many times it is very young women some being teenagers.  Whitmer is asking for those teenage girls and young women now to be bouncers at these places of business.  Whitmer already has contributed to the death of many people at Michigan nursing homes that she made by the force of law to take COVID-19 positive patients.

How many more must die Governor Whitmer at the signature of your Executive Orders.

By the way, might it have been a better move to just not investigate the mask violation calls and keep silent about it instead of informing the world what you were going to do?

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