It's no secret we Michiganders love us a good sunrise and sunset and this weekend, the Great Lakes State could get some super stellar ones...thanks to a plume of Saharan dust?

Yes you read that right, dust from the Sahara is crossing continents and oceans but does have the potential to beautify our skies.

According to MLive, while Michigan is on the fringes of the satellite image of the plume's path, by Saturday some of the dust and sea salt particles from the cloud crossing the Atlantic could be over Michigan's sky.

The highest concentration, based on the plume's path now will be in the southern U.S., however, it doesn't take much to make a Michigan sunrise/sunset even more beautiful.

MLive reports the only thing that may stand in our way is a larger storm system on it's way to be over the Great Lakes between Friday evening and Saturday morning where clouds could cover up the skies or just totally block out the sun.

So, while we can't 100% promise there will be these spectacularly dusty, salty sunrises and sunsets there will still be the normal beautiful ones we are used to and when has watching the sun rise or fall ever been a "waste of time"?

If you want to have your eyes on the skies this weekend, MLive says Friday morning could be our "first possible dusty sunrise." Clouds could get in the way Friday night and Saturday morning but could be cleared up by the evening to still get a glimpse.

 As with any great, Michigan sunrise and sunset, expect your social media feeds to be flooded with pictures!
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