In Utah, Arizona and New York City the Fascists are rising and attacking free speech while calling Donald Trump names. What a ridiculous farce.

The self proclaimed justice warriors from privileged backgrounds, most of whom have never worked a day in their lives think they can tell the rest of us how to behave and more importantly what we are entitled to say or do. They think they have a right to use the First Amendment to trample on the First Amendment.

My belief is this full frontal assault on a political candidate will build tremendous support for that very candidate.

It is truly shocking that these petulant spoiled little brats are demanding tolerance for their ideas through intolerance. These petulant liberal fascist weasels need to be arrested and need to understand we are a nation of laws. We accommodate freedom of speech and give great latitude in that pursuit but shutting down highways and city streets and putting people in danger will not due.

And don’t think for a second that this movement funded by socialist puppet master George Soros won’t be seen for exactly what it is. People as a rule are smart enough to figure out when a Trump rally is attacked it is not the fault of the candidate but rather the deeply troubled and misguided so called social warriors that are much more aptly described as Socialist Warriors.