Bernie Sanders says he is a Democratic Socialist, in fact he is damned proud of it. He declares it wherever he roams. So we’ve all been hearing the term but I really have not heard an explanation on any of the major networks or on cable as to exactly what it is. So I decided to start digging. I can tell you it is worse than I would have thought and I am now sharing these things with you.

First, the term democratic socialism can be used to refer to a version of the Soviet Model that was reformed in a democratic way. For example Mikhail Gorbachev described perestroika as building a "new, humane and democratic socialism."  As a result some former brances of the Communist Party have rebranded themselves as democratic socialist, as with the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany. A problem with this approach of course is the complete collapse of the Soviet System under these policies. The American system of capitalism was clearly superior in theory and practice.

Several nations have adopted a form of Democratic Socialism in recent terms including Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela, Greece and Peru. All of these nations however are in near perpetual economic chaos. Greece is currently afloat monetarily because the European Union against the popular sentiment of the people, supported the nation after it defaulted on billions of dollars of previous loans.

So if I am understanding this correctly, and I am, Bernie Sanders wants us to support his allegiance to a system that utterly failed in the former Soviet Union and is failing all over the world today.

Am I the first guy to ask, why the hell would we want to support that? Do we want to be like Greece, Russia and Peru?

I can say without a doubt- I do not.