Governor Snyder is ordering a review of standards in Michigan for accepting low-level radioactive waste after hearing such shipments--that are scheduled for Michigan--had been rejected by other states as too hazardous. is reporting today that Snyder wants a review and those at the disposal site in Wayne County are willing to voluntarily suspend acceptance of shipments.

The Detroit Free Press reported last week that nearly 40 tones of the sludge, that was slated to come to the Bellville facility, was rejected by other states.

The article says Michigan has become a more popular location after other state's tightened restrictions on the shipments.

Michigan's regulations were established back in 1996, but concerns over potential groundwater contamination, have prompted the governor to have a panel of experts from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality  take a second look.

"We remain deeply committed to protecting public health and Michigan's precious water resources,"  the governor said in a written statement.

There is no word yet on when the review might be completed.

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