There's no question this is an election year.  Already a number of ads on the radio and television airwaves talking "up" or talking "down" political candidates.   But while Republican Governor Rick Snyder is understandably in the political crosshairs of state Democrats, it appears he could be on the radar at the national level as well.

Political analysts say Democrats are working hard this year hoping to undercut some of the prominent Republican governors in the country who expect to strengthen their clout in the mid-term elections this November.  Among them, Governor Snyder.

Synder gained national prominence in the Right to Work fight that generated rallies at the state Capitol from thousands of democrats and union supporters.  Despite a bit of pushing and shoving--literally and figuratively--the governor was able to sign the legislation into law.

Detroit's financial problems have also raised Snyder's stock for some.  Even those who disagree with what he did by putting in Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr--and the controversy surrounding that appointment--they respected his resolve in trying to return the city to solvency.

Those issue, in addition to others like elimination of the Michigan Business Tax, have made the "business nerd" governor a growing political force.  And for those reasons, Snyder is finding himself having to watch his back.

Other governors likely to face some push-back from democrats are from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida , Maine and Wisconsin.  All states President Obama carried in his bid for the White House.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is already dealing with "Bridge-Gate" and others are being scrutinized as well by those looking for some cracks in their armour, including Ohio Governor John Kasich and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker--who got more votes of support in his recall election than in his initial run for office.

All three have been mentioned as potential GOP presidential nominees.