Governor Snyder, who spent much of the day on Monday in the city of Warren and other Detroit-area communities hit hard by recent flooding, is now assessing the information and preparing to ask the federal government for aid. is reporting that the governor is waiting for damage totals before making the contact.  He is reportedly also urging the thousands of residents affected to carefully document their damage with photographs and receipts.

Snyder's request is being echoed by U. S. Senator Carl Levin.

"People need to keep receipts when there is damages because this full information then has to be accumulated by the state, so the governor can make the request from FEMA," he told the station.

At least 18,000 residents in Warren suffered damage when the area received more than 6 inches of rain in a short period of time.  Other communities like Sterling Heights received word that some of their residents would have to leave their apartment buildings that could now be unsafe due to the flooding.

The flood waters also affected vehicle damage.  Hundreds of cars were abandoned on highways in southeast Detroit when the rained turned the roadways into rivers.

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