Those in school districts across the state are breathing a sigh of relief from legislation signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder.

Law reduces time for schools dealing with snow day closings

It allows them some flexibility in trying to make-up mandated in-classroom education time due to the harsher-than-normal winter in the state.

Schools are allowed only six snow days to fulfill the education standards set in Michigan.  Until now, many schools--that were above and beyond that amount--were looking to find a way to make-up the time without causing inconvenience to students and families or adding to already-stretched school budgets.

The legislation lowers to 174 days the number required of educational time and any days added in addition would require attendance that is lowered as well, from 75% to 60%.

Many had complained that adding time on to the end of a school year would not only keep families from vacation plans but also lead to additional costs in transportation and keeping the lights on in the classroom.  That's money, they say, that could be better used elsewhere.

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