A new campaign ad is hitting the airwaves today designed to give a boost to Governor Rick Snyder in his re-election bid by outlining the voting record of his opponent.

New campaign ad begins running blasting Schauer on voting record


Mlive.com is reporting that the ad is compliments of the Republican Governors Association.  It will run for two weeks on broadcast and cable networks.  The cost?  A half million bucks.

The ad targets Democrat Mark Schauer for continuing what it calls the failed agenda of former Governor Jennifer Granholm.  It also takes him to task for his vote in favor of the controversial Affordable Care Act.

The effort is just the latest salvo to be fired in the governor's race.  A similar effort was launched by the Democrats earlier in the campaign criticizing Snyder's policies.  That ad ran for a full month, though.

There's likely to be much more money spent on the race in the coming months as most polls show the incumbant Snyder with the edge.

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