Legislation to redirect autism funding has made it past the governor's desk.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed new legislation to redirect $5.5 million to autism programs at universities and for services for families with members who have autism.

Michigan universities are receiving money to train health care workers to diagnose and treat autism spectrum disorder.
Photo: Getty Images

A state autism fund was created in 2012 to cover the cost of benefits for diagnosis and treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.  The fund reimburses insurance companies for their costs.  The number of claims filed by insurers was far less than expected.

Three universities in Michigan will benefit from the redistribution.  Central Michigan University and Oakland University will receive $500,000 each, while Western Michigan University will receive $3 million. Heath care workers will be trained in diagnosis and treatment through the universities.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan will also receive $1.5 million to provide assistance to families with members who have autism spectrum disorder.

The bill was signed Monday.