The winter weather has prompted another change at CATA as it looks to continue to provide the best in safety and service.

Beginning this year, riders who encounter a mound of snow near a bus stop sign, have the option of standing "near" the sign and still pick up a ride.  CATA Executive Director Sandy Draggoo says the change was made as part of an annual assessment by the transportation company to make sure the needs of customers are being met.

Draggoo says moving from a designated stop could mean some will fear being left behind when the bus doors close, but she says by simply waving your arms at an approaching vehicle should ensure that you'll be treated as a rider.

CATA officials have been on a media blitz trying to get the word out to make sure there is no confusion on the new policy.  Marketing Director Laurie Robison says riders shouldn't panic if the bus doesn't stop exactly where they are.

Riders are also being told to familiarize themselves with winter routes.  Those are areas that could be changed or reconfigured in the event of a massive snow that makes some roadways impassable.

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