How many of you actually know what it mean’s to be an American? Do you know what our founding fathers believed? What is written in the Constitution and what it means to be an American citizen?

George Washington the father of our nation did not believe in political party’s. He was not a Democrat nor Whig nor Republican. He thought political parties would be the demise of a great nation. Washington had the crazy idea that politicians would put their betterment of their political party before the needs of citizens. Boy was he dumb huh?

Again how many citizens know what it means to be American? How many believe America is a democracy? When did the paradigm shift occur? Was it Hollywood that stole our attention? Was it television or social media that we are constantly distracted by? What entertains me? How can I indulge myself?

The sad thing is most people will be taking pictures on their ‘smart phones’ to post on Facebook during the final hours of this great nation as America collapses into the ashes of history.