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It is Game Day in America
It is Game Day in America on the right hand side of your screen dressed in Red and defending the millions of deplorables and working people across the nation, President Donald John Trump. On the left hand side the far left side of your screen the candidate picked to redeem Hillary Clinton and the De…
A stunning report from the United States Senate
A stunning report from the United States Senate has brought into view some very questionable actions by Hunter Biden including a payment to the former Vice President's son by the former wife of the Moscow Mayor. A tidy sum of $3.5 million dollars paid in a wire transfer according to the bombshe…
Michael Bloomberg is dancing with a lot of danger
Michael Bloomberg is dancing with a lot of danger suggesting he will pay up to $20 Million dollars to cover the fines, costs, and fees of 32,000 convicted felons in Florida giving them the chance to vote. So felons are the good guys and you are the deplorables. Let that sink in.
Around Michigan
These drives are centered around the town of Bruce Crossing at the junction of Routes 28 & 45. To get there from Michigamme go west on 41, continue west on 28 to the junction. About five miles before Bruce Crossing is a park where you can visit Agate Falls.
The President is Promising He Will Pick a Woman
President Trump was back on the road in Ohio, a critical swing state, as he always is and spent time on the big ticket items for the upcoming election. Now only 6 weeks away, number one with a bullet is RBG’s death surpassing the pandemic and the riots in the streets of America.

The Preside…
Three Big Things you need to know right now
The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has set into motion a series of political events that may well shape this nation for a generation, maybe forever. This week in honor of her service, she will lie in repose at the Supreme Court.

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