What's going on?

Tom Constand, No Fault Reality Tour.
Well the kind of a stay of execution in some ways. She put postponed until July I think of this year now 2020. We are working with various members of the legislature right now to try and fix some of the unintended consequences that occurred as a result of this law.
Steve Gruber, Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin—
Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin—my member of Congress is ready to sign on to her political death warrant—in my humble opinion—Slotkin has been chosen by Nancy Pelosi to write a resolution—taking away The Presidents ability to be Commander in Chief of the armed force…
Kyle Melinn, What’s in store for 2020 - Lansing politics
Day ticks off the calendar the less the likelihood is that we're going to get what you would call quote unquote a complete fix governor. Whitmer has said that she wanted to raise 2.5 billion dollars additional for the roads, and I don't know how close she's going to get to that number…