Some students from the University of West Georgia suggested that very act.  Keep reading I am not joking.

EAG News is reporting on a group of students from the University of West Georgia and Harvard that were supposed to be debating about renewable energy and somehow the, white people should kill themselves, topic came up.  Interesting that a black student would bring up white people killing themselves during a renewable energy debate, was he possibly talking about Soylet Green?

Soylent Green everyone is PEOPLE!

The fine young black man who believes white people should kill themselves is from the University of West Georgia and during the debate he suggested that us white people should kill ourselves because of “white privilege”.

He went on to say:

White life is wrong, our argument is that we should never affirm white life. White life is based off black subjugation.

When a white debater asked this fine young intelligent man whether he should commit suicide, he replied “I don’t see why not, it’s ethical.”

By the way it was the black people who pointed out the color of the students involved in the debate of renewable energy, not the white students.

My friend’s racism and bigotry comes in all colors, genders and ideologues.

Again, as I have asked many times over the last few years, why now are people who hold such views, have so much hatred in the minds and hearts coming out from behind the kitchen appliances when the lights are on?

Think about it and you will come to the correct answer.

It is time decent Americans ban together and stop this insanity and turn this ship around.  If not our children and grandchildren will suffer.

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