Most of us are animal lovers and there's a word that we don't want to think about and that word is extinct. Not too long ago, we were telling you about some of the animals that are in danger of extinction like Rhinos, Sea Turtles, some Whales, Leopards, Gray Wolf and more. Here it is if you missed it.

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The gray wolf is an enchanting, beautiful animal, and if you remember it was taken off the endangered species list in Michigan not too long ago.  Here is the latest, now officials want to know what we think and to it should be put back on.

Currently, there is a multi-pronged lawsuit aimed at getting the gray wolf back on the endangered list and survey responses will help guide the DNR on future decisions that affect that status. The survey closes on Jan. 31. The gray wolf is under state management, which means there are still a lot of laws that protect them and guide how they’re handled, but right now the public has an opportunity to weigh in on what happens. according to

Michigans gray wolf population was almost gone in the mid-1970s due to persecution and active predator control programs. What is the population in the Upper Peninsula now? Well, it's just under 700.

The DNR says that The gray wolf is an important natural resource in Michigan.  If you would like to give your opinion or get more info  Click here Click here to view the form to leave your thoughts, 

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