Many lawmakers across the country, republicans and democrats, are calling for boots on the ground in Iraq.  Stopping Islamist militants from gaining more power in Iraq should be the United States number one priority according to these lawmakers.

According to House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers the United States would also have to play a larger role in Syria, if we were to go to war with ISIL. "Well, you're not going to solve the ISIL problem in Iraq without dealing with the Syria problem. I think the president said they're not related; they are absolutely related. Matter of fact, their caliphate, they believe their capital is going to be in Syria," Rogers, said on CBS's "Face The Nation."

The top ranking Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committe said, "I think Congress has to play an important role in this. This is the way our Constitution works, and I think that Congress is really tired of presidents just going in by themselves, so I think there has to be consultation and an assent from Congress," Congressman Eliot Engel.

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