We see it every campaign season, politicians campaigning on the taxpayer's dollar. Those dollars are ours and they are paid those dollars to do the work of the people. I do not know about you but I am fed up with it.

They are not doing the work of the people campaigning for each other, they are doing the work for each other. And not only are we paying their salary, we are paying their travel expenses to get to where they are campaigning.

It is time we make a law that states that if these politicians want to campaign for anyone of their colleagues, we the people will not pay them their salary or expenses for that day. I do not care if they only campaign for one hour, they lose their entire day's pay and expenses. I do not care if they set up some cover story that they have government business there and give some speech somewhere that day and happened to be in the same city. We will not pay their expenses. They must pay for it themselves or get the person's campaign to pay for the expenses.

The Daily Caller is reporting on a petition, which has been signed by more than 114,000 people, which would withhold President Obama's pay while he campaigns for Hillary Clinton.

To me this is not just about the President and his campaigning for Hillary Clinton, it has to do with any politician from any party campaigning for any politician on the taxpayer's dime.

Air Force One costs taxpayers $180,000 for every hour of flight. When the President campaigns for Clinton, she does not pick up that cost, the taxpayers do. It is time for that to stop.

We must start telling our elected politicians that if they do not support a law to stop this squandering of the taxpayer's dollars then we will not vote for them.

Are you with me?

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