The big question these days is should President Trump have a meeting with Russian President Putin.

I say why not.

Should former President FDR have met with Stalin, he did.

Should former President Obama have met with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, he did.

I say why not.

We must open some type of dialogue with these dictators to attempt to improve the lives of their people and more importantly protect the interest of the American people.

French President Emmanuel Macron met with Putin. German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Putin.

Some people say the meeting between President Trump and Putin is different due to the investigation of “Russian Collusion”. I say that the “investigation” has not yielded one iota of evidence that there ever was any “collusion”.  Should we allow the trumped up charge of collusion by the democrats and the media stand in the way of the two countries leaders attempting to attempt to normalize relations to whatever extent they can?

Will anything substantial come from this meeting, more than likely not but does that mean an attempt should not be made.

Would we rather not attempt to improve the relationship of the two countries?

One thing we should not forget is that China appears to be our bigger concern in the upcoming years and decades.

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