A package of bills has passed the Michigan’s House, bills that would authorize mass shooter cellphone alerts, The bills were inspired by the Kalamazoo Uber mass shooting tragedy.

The bills now move on to Michigan’s Senate for their consideration.

The Battle Creek Enquirer/AP is reporting on the three bill package, that would give police departments the ability to create criteria they could use to decide when cellphone wide alerts can and should be used to alert the public of a mass shooting.

The bills would use preexisting alert technology, technology we are told is already federally funded. The bills would also create penalties for people who might falsely report mass shooting public threats.

Sounds like a good idea to me. This would give the public a heads up when these shootings occur, and give people the ability to warn family and friends of the possibility of danger.

The question I have is, how will the police departments attain our cell phone numbers?  Do we sign up for thi,s or do they acquire our cell phone numbers via the phone companies?

I can see in the case of the Kalamazoo shooter, Jason Dalton, if these alerts were available some of the victims might have been alerted, and then they would have been suspect of anyone or vehicle coming a bit too close for comfort.  The victims could have then possibly driven or walked away from any suspect person or vehicle.

Might these alerts then make everyone out and about at that time a suspect, and if so what negative consequences, if any, would there be?  I would rather run the chance of insulting someone than become a victim of the actual maniac.

Would you?