It is time for the black community that doesn’t believe Al Sharpton speaks for them to stand up and be heard. I have had the opportunity to talk in depth with some Americans who happen to be lack. They do not like the term African-American, one man was so offended by the term he asked me not to use it and said the idea of such a term was ‘stupid’. He went on to say Al Sharpton was not his ‘leader’ and he had little use for such race merchants.

It seems however that Barack Obama, Sharpton and others are hell bent on selling us the idea that black youth in America is under a deadly attack from white police officers in this nation. The truth however doesn’t bear that out. In 2012 for example 123 blacks were killed by police officers in America- total. That’s police officers of all races. By contrast whites were killed at nearly three times the rate accounting for 326 deaths at the hands of police officers in this country.

Make no mistake black and white facts like this have no place in the narrative being pushed by Sharpton and co-opted by Obama and his administration. Frankly this President has no place in wading into this local police matter any more than he should have done the same in the Trayvon Martin case.

It is time to start finding common ground and it’s time for the race merchants to stop using a scorched earth policy. At least that’s the way it looks from here.