Republican U. S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land is out with a road funding plan that is already generating some push back. is reporting that Land's idea, unveiled on Tuesday, would give Michigan more flexibility in the future with some changes in the federal gas tax now.

Land is proposing cutting federal gas taxes from the current 18-cents to about 4-cents per gallon.  Her website calls the idea "devolution" by cutting out the middleman--the federal Highway Trust Fund--to give states like Michigan more control on how to craft their own transportation solutions.

Land is defending already claims that she is looking to eliminate all taxes without an idea for replacement.

"Terri's plan does not eliminate the federal gas tax.  Her plan simply returns more power to states by keeping more of Michigan's money in Michigan.  The state then has the flexibility to determine what is the best way to generate the needed funds," said spokesperson Heather Swift.

Land said getting the feds out of the way is in the best interests of all states--but especially Michigan with its still-crumbling infrastructure..

"Michigan's roads have been in horrible shape for years.  It's time to get D.C. out of the way and put Michigan First so we can finally fix our roads," she said.

The issue is putting Land at odds with one of her key supporters--the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

"Devolving responsibility to the states means we'd lose national connectivity essential to moving American goods, economic growth and global competitiveness," said Chamber President and CEO Thomas Donahue..

A plan similar to Land's has already been rejected in the U.S. Senate.

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