Much like self-checkout lanes and the ordering kiosks at McDonald's, you may soon be able to pour your own wine or beer from self-serving dispensers across Michigan. A new bill passed in the Michigan House has approved the use of self-serving alcohol dispensers in the state.

Representative Rick Wakeman (R-Saginaw Township) sponsored the bill which would allow these self-serve machines to pop up across Michigan. These machines would also track the amount of alcohol dispensed and would serve limited quantaties.

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I've seen similar machines when I lived in states like Nebraska and Missouri, but I had no idea this wasn't already in practice in Michigan. Here's how it works: patrons would receive a scan card or a wristband that they would pre-load with money-- think like Craig's Cruisers or Dave and Busters. Patrons can then scan their card at the kiosk and select the size of their desired beverage, and the payment would then be deducted from their card balance.

Per this new bill machines would be limited to serving each patron 16 ounces of beer, or 12 ounces of wine and mixed drinks, at a time until they reach a total of 32 ounces. The machines will dispense beer, wine, mixed cocktails, but not shots of spirits.

Rep. Wakeman tells the press, "Bars and restaurants in nearly every other state utilize it...It is also a great option for bars and restaurants struggling with staffing shortages -- as they all are right now." I mean, the man has a point!

In my experience, these types of dispensers are perfect for casual wine bars. The self-serve kiosks are a perfect way to sample a variety of wines at your own pace without having to sit around for waitstaff. If you find a wine you like you can opt for a bigger pour for the next round! I also love that the cards are easy to load and are reusable, so if you don't use your entire balance in one sitting you can save it for next time. If you've already got money on your card you can just walk right in and help yourself! Check out the kiosks in action below.

Would you like to see self-serve alcohol kiosks in Michigan?

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