Security checkpoints are already being set up in East Lansing in anticipation of President Obama's visit on Friday.

The President will be making his first visit to the state in 14 months.  He is set to appear to sign the multi-billion dollar Farm Bill at 2 p.m. inside the McPhail Equine Perofrmance Center at Michigan State University's School of Veterinary of Medicine.

U. S. Senator Debbie Stabenow will be on hand for the event.  She was instrumental in the bill's crafting as the Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee.  The democrat received some help in the task from an unlikely source--an MSU student.

WILX.TV is reporting one of the university's veterinarian students put her education on hold for a year and a half to help write the massive legislation.  Chelsea Render, who graduates this spring,  told the television station that it was worth the time.  “I'll actually see this law, when it's implemented, become policy, and actually effect the farms that I’m working on every day, so that's even the next step and I think that's going to follow me for even longer."

Render will be along a select few to also attend a private meeting with the President.  Obama is also expected to address climate change and immigration reform as well during his visit to Michigan.