U. S. offciials confirming what many suspected--security issues will be of concern for the Olympics in Sochi.  A travel warning has been issued after information came to light about a potential attack on airliners headed to the games.

Those with the Department of Homeland Security are confirming what they are calling "credible" threats.  They say intelligence suggests that terrorists could be planning an attack using toothpaste tubes or other cosmetic containers to hide explosives.

It's unclear whether those attacks would be launched on planes headed to Russia from Europe or the United States.  The Associated Press is reporting that Delta Airlines is the only U.S. carrier with a direct flight to Moscow.     They are reporting some Russian flights are non-stop as well.

Officials say while there is no 'specific' threat being made, there is enough information that some type of attack could be in the works.  They are warning those planning to attend the games in Sochi as spectators to be careful by paying extra attention to their surroundings.  Athletes there are not believed to be danger.