Officials in Macomb County haven't yet said what they were looking for--or even where they were looking--but say they hope to be zeroing in on the killer of a 14 year old Michigan girl.

The Associated Press is reporting that another search warrant, executed on Monday, was sealed and that a location was not revealed.

The search is to find evidence to lead authorities to those responsible for the death of 14 year old April Milsap.  The young girl's body was found in a drainage ditch near Armada after going out to walk her dog.  She died of blunt force trauma.

This is the second report of a search being made.  Reports earlier indicated that a home in Wales Township was also looked at for evidence linked to Milsap.  Two men--one a sex offender--were taken into custody but on an unrelated drug charge.

Failure to find Milsap's killer or killers has left the small community on edge.

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