Live from the campus of Hillsdale College in beautiful Hillsdale Michigan, this is Scot Bertram in for Steve on the Steve Gruber Show for Friday November 15th 2019.

Here are 3 big things you need to know:

Three—Two people were killed and four injured – including the gunman – in a 16-second shooting rampage Thursday at a high school in California. The 16-year-old suspect was taken into custody and was in "grave'' condition, according to authorities.

Two—Thursday’s Browns-Steelers game ended with an ugly brawl that saw Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett remove Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and swing it at his unprotected head. And he connected! Could be an awfully lengthy suspension coming for Garrett.

 And number one—Introducing a new political attack line on House Democrats amid their ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Trump forcefully declared at a rally Thursday night  in Louisiana, "We did nothing wrong—and they're doing nothing." We'll have audio coming up.

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