This Saturday we celebrate February 29th - Leap Day. A date that only comes around every 4 years. If two professors have their way, 2020 will be the last time it ever happens.

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Steve H. Hanke, an economics professor and Richard Conn Henry, a physicist and astronomer - both from John Hopkins University, say we can do away with Leap Years altogether. According to, they have developed a new calendar they call (of course) the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar. This calendar drops Leap Years, starts every year on Monday, January 1st, ends every year on Sunday December 31st and eliminates all time zones and Daylight Savings Time. According to professors Hanke and Henry, under their plan we would go to a 24 hour clock (as in military time) all over the world, synced to the same time. So, when it's 14:00 here in Michigan, it would also be 14:00 in Hong Kong - and everywhere else.

How does their calendar deal with the fact that it takes 365.25 days to circle the sun (which is the reason for an extra day every four years)? Why, every 6 years we would get a full extra week. So, much better than just that extra day every four years, right?

In the end, every year would have the exact same calendar. Then, as I see it, every 6th year there would be a random week with no dates (I'm gonna call it "6th Year Week") when my guess is there would be a lot of purging and lawlessness. But the real problem is this calendar puts my birthday on a Wednesday - every year. That's no fun. And for that reason - I must condemn it.

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