School districts across the country dealing with bus driver shortages is nothing new. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse and leaving many parents and students stuck with little to no options of getting to and from school or traveling back and forth from sporting events.

Sean Rogers Jr. of Columbus, Ohio had to deal with the problem last week when his children missed a day of school because bus transportation was not available that day due to a driver shortage.

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Sean wanted to do something about the problem instead of just sitting back and complaining. After talking with his father who owns a limousine company Sean decided he would drive his kids along with any other neighborhood kids that needed a ride to school in one of the limousines.


Sean posted a message on his Facebook saying

Attention FB: starting next week I have decided to go out and help these Columbus city buses get our kids to school my kids and others have missed almost a week of school due to their bus not showing up I’ll be traveling all over Columbus to drop kids off at school yes IN THE LIMO if it’s ok with the parents I’d rather see them late to school then out herr in the streets or behind bars or even in the grave. If ur child needs a ride to school please contact me in my inbox HELP ME HELP OUR KIDS #PLEASESHARE #PLEASESHARE#COLUMBUSOHIO

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After his post on Facebook parents started sharing it and reached out to see if he would drive their kids to school too. Sean went from driving his two kids in a limo up to 42 kids.

Thanks to Sean, kids that would have otherwise missed school have been making it to class and not falling behind. But the school district is still not happy with what sean's doing, A spokesperson for Columbus City Schools said that a limousine is not an Ohio Department of Education-approved vehicle for transportation.

I guess the old says is true "you can't make everyone happy" but I think sean is doing a great job and is making the parents and kids happy and that's all that matters.

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