The amount of spam texts I've been getting is definitely on the rise. So much so, that I don't think I am actually getting as many spam phone calls anymore. Not that I am complaining about that though.

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Leave it to scammers though, to go after the job market and try to scam you out of a job. Have you seen the newest scam trend here in Michigan?

Watch Out For This Scam Hitting Michigan

There's another scam that's going around Michigan, but when isn't there at this point? This new scam though, is taking a shot at the job market, and is trying to collect your information.

You will receive this scam, as a text and will read along the lines that follows:

How are you doing?

I'm Lydia White. I from Gray Group Advertising Media

We are looking for part-time/full-time employees and freelancers

Can I share more information with you?

Nathan Vandenburg TSM
Nathan Vandenburg TSM

How can you tell if this is a legitimate text, or an actual scammer?

How To Tell The Difference Between Legitimate Requests and Scams

The biggest thing to always watch for in emails, texts, or messages you get over social media, is grammar and spelling.

Scammers will make grammatical errors, not to say a human who is actually trying to higher you, won't make mistakes either. However, it's the best way to determine if someone is a scammer or legitimate.

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With emails especially, if you're unsure of the person who's contacted you, always look at their email. If it is it's probably not an actual person, and you should put that in your junk folder immediately.

With phone numbers, see if it is coming from an area code you recognize, or is close to you. You shouldn't respond to numbers you don't know.

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