Here is a scam to watch out for and one that you probably see daily, the digital coupons you see on social media sites. Mother's Day just passed and Father's Day is coming up so many people are looking for deals on gifts and most people use social media for those under-the-radar deals but you will want to watch out when using or downloading those coupons.

According to WILX, and the Better Business Bureau you will need to be on high alert as scammers are offering fake coupons to big retailers and in return the scammers take your information. The BBB are alerting consumers of the fake coupons for big retailers on social media sites that are offering free merchandise in exchange for sharing the coupon link on your page. These coupon links are very dangerous not only for your computer but for your personal information as when you go to get these coupons it leads to a third party site which can take your information or give you a virus.

If you see these coupons on social media sites you will want to avoid them, be skeptical, check the direct source of the coupons, or do a web search to see if the coupons work or if the site is real. Another big thing to check before you even click on the coupon link is to see if the site is safe which you can see by looking at the URL and looking if there is an “s” after “http”. No “s” may mean it’s a phishing attempt to get your information or to install malware on your computer.

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