On December 21, 2020 - Saturn and Jupiter will align. This alignment is being dubbed  a 'Christmas Star', in science terms it is known as a 'Great Conjunction'.

So what does it all mean? According to the Secrets of the Universe, this is what will happen,

'On December 21, the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is going to take place. On this occasion, Jupiter and Saturn will be 0.1 degrees apart. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is a rare event that takes place every 20 years on average. Although they will appear extremely close to each other in the night sky, they will still be millions of kilometers away in space.'

To the naked eye, the planets will appear to be next to each other, but in reality they will be millions of miles apart. Call it by it's technical name - Great Conjunction, or call it a Christmas Star, to each his or her own. Obviously being so close to Christmas, I totally get the reference.

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If everything goes according to plan, Saturn and Jupiter will align after sunset, and be visible for about an hour. Make a plan now to check it out with your family. What else do you have to do? You might as well make a holiday memory, and of course post about it on social media - duh.

Hopefully sky conditions are just right on December 21st, I am not super into space, but I do want to check this out. Chances are I will never see this again in my lifetime, and neither will you. Is that too morbid? Merry Christmas.

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