The state legislature is moving closer this hour to secure a deal to put $1.2 billion dollars into the roads and bridges of the state each year- well sort of. The truth is Governor Snyder and state lawmakers it appears will be putting the question of increasing the state sales tax from 6% to 7% in front of the voters.

If you want better roads you need to say you’re willing to pay for it with a 17% jump in the sales tax and several other moves. The plan has bipartisan support but it under attack from some including Americans For Prosperity Michigan that says it’s just more punishment for the middle class. Scott Hagerstrom, Michigan’s director for AFP berated the deal. "It's a huge tax increase on middle-class citizens in Michigan," Hagerstrom criticized. "It increases welfare payments to the poor. Increases registration fees and Internet taxes.” He continued by adding “All the way around, the middle class is getting stuck with the bill."

However on the other side of the argument came people like Kelly Chesney of Business Leaders for Michigan who gave an upbeat assessment "investments in our roads and infrastructure are going to help us accelerate our economy”.

It seems we may not be done with campaign season after all. A whole new round of political ads- and pitches are on the way on the road to May.