A safety regulatory group is pushing for the maker of defective airbags to include all vehicles in a recall.  And they say, if officials don't act on their own, they could be forced to....but not likely anytime soon.

The Detroit News is reporting today that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging five major automakers including, Ford, Chrysler and Honda to issue nationwide recalls for the estimated millions of additional vehicles that could be affected by the defective airbag parts.

The products can rupture and send metal fragments flying into the passenger area of the cars.  To date, 5 deaths have been linked to the problem.

So far, Takata has limited it's recalls to areas with high-humidity where the majority of the problems have occurred.  But those with the NHTSA are urging an expansion and announced the urgent request Tuesday claiming the numbers of those affected are mushrooming..

The article indicates that the Administration made the request after learning two weeks ago of a rupture in North Carolina....back in 2007.

The announcement comes just days before the automaker,the airbag maker and the NHTSA are set to appear on Capitol Hill to be grilled about recent recalls.

If the automakers don't comply on their own, they could be forced to do so but that would take several months.  Public hearings would have to be held before any action could be taken legally.

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