If you found tickets to Saturday's sold-out Michigan vs. Michigan State game on the ground, what would you do?

Would you keep them? Try to sell them?

I mean... it'd be tempting, right?

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Well, a Rockford high school senior was faced with that very situation.

Fox 17 reports that Jakob Austin was walking along the boardwalk in downtown Rockford, taking his senior pictures, when he noticed something on the ground.

At first he thought the tickets were fake.

Austin tells Fox 17,

I didn’t even think they were real. I thought somebody was pulling my leg.

Once he realized they were the real deal, tickets to possibly the biggest rivalry game in college football (especially this year, with both teams ranked in the top 10 and undefeated and both ESPN's College Game Day and Fox's Big Noon Kickoff covering the game on TV ), Austin and his mom got to work figuring out who dropped tickets.

Through some online detective work, they were able to find who the tickets belonged too. After getting them back to their rightful owner, Austin was treated with tickets to Michigan's game next weekend against Indiana in return for his thoughtfulness.

Way to do the right thing, man!

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