If you have some Ritz in the pantry as your go to quarantine snack, you might want to go check on them. Ritz is recalling family size package of their cheese cracker sandwiches due to some labeling issues, according to WILX.

“This recall is being conducted because the outer packaging indicates that the product is Cheese variety, while the individually-wrapped product contained in the package is Peanut Butter variety,” Ritz announced in a company statement said.

The snack does have an allergen warning on the outside of the carton, letting consumers now that it could contain peanuts.

The recall applies exclusively to the RITZ Cheese Cracker Sandwiches Family Size. There is a best used date on them that the recall is being connected too:

-- 18SEP20
-- 20SEP20
-- 28SEP20
-- 29SEP20
-- 30SEP20
-- 01OCT20
-- 02OCT20

No injuries have been reported yet, nor any illnesses, but you can contact the company with any complaints at 1-844-366-1171.

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