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Gaming is an industry that is steadily on the rise in many different parts of Northern America and the greater world, with states like Michigan showing similar results in terms of increased usage. Gaming ranges across different facets, from sports gaming on the likes of platforms such as FIFA or NBA 2K or gambling and sports betting platforms, for which you can read more here if you are interested in taking a deep dive into the topic.

Many different factors contribute to this steady increase, which is what this article aims to unpack.

Advancements in Technology

One of the biggest contributors to the fact that more gaming activities are occurring around Michigan is the fact that there has been a rise in the advancements of technology.

Technology is an industry that has paved the way for many different industries to improve their operations, ranging from the field of medicine and education to gaming and global connectivity. When it comes to gaming specifically, technology has hurled this industry into new spaces that users probably never even imagined possible. Think about games such as GTA, where the playing field is typically set in the US and players can engage in games as if they were happening in real-life. The reason for this real-life stimulation is the fact that many software and gaming developers have been able to embed more advanced features and tools, creating a space in which games are more similar to the reality of the world than ever before. Players can now use their avatars to drive cars, speak to other avatars in the game, play sports and the list goes on. The graphics that are included in each of these stages are incredibly stimulating and detailed, giving the player the impression that they are truly inside the game. This has naturally caused more people of Michigan to partake in gaming platforms as they are more thrilling than ever.

When it comes to advanced technology, the leading areas are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These three avenues have created a whole new world when it comes to gaming and engagement. Take VR for example. There are now new VR headsets that players can pop on and then partake in games in a highly advanced and technological manner. It feels as though you are truly in the game as you can use your own limbs, voice and eyes to navigate through the game, as opposed to only using a controller or a console.

Furthermore, the safety of gaming has also improved with the advancements in technology. Many different kinds of security technologies have given players more safety when it comes to sharing or needing to enter sensitive data into games, such as blockchain technology, authentication apps and password protectors. Two decades ago, these things either didn't exist or were not commonly used, whereas today, they are part and parcel of everyday practices.

Surge in Mobile Phone Use

Another area, that to be fair was also impacted by technology, is the rise of mobile phone use. The reason this falls within its own category is because more and more people are using their phones as an extension of themselves. People used to have phones to only call or message people, however, now they are being used to partake in social media and even play online games. It is true that only due to the advancements of technology and the consequential improvement of mobile phones did people start to use them more often, but in today's age, having a smartphone is a common occurrence. Many people use their phones to disappear from the outside world and jump into another stimulating world, such as the gaming world. People now have access to games whilst on their daily commute, standing in line at a grocery store or even just waiting for a bus. This was never the case before but now that phones are so advanced and almost have the same processing power as a laptop, mobile gaming is massive in Michigan.

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