Richard M. Ebeling, an AIER Senior Fellow, is the BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina.


FDR and Stalin Planned the Future of the World


Steve Gruber: Welcome back.
Richard M. Ebeling: Good to be back Steve. I want to be with you here.
Steve Gruber: We're going to discuss Franklin Roosevelt Joseph Stalin and Yalta in February of 1945 and how they carved up Europe and plan the future of the world. But is it we were talking the break here, you know Winston Churchill was the guy who was screaming the Soviets are not to be trusted. They're going to do the the we can't trust them George Patton felt the same way, but they were ignored and FDR were Sure, if he wasn't particularly good health at that time barely frail from what I can understand and did he give in to Stalin to easily in February 45 your thoughts.
Richard M. Ebeling: Well, I think that this is a mindset that the Roosevelt it had long before that in the in during the New Deal years of the 1930s one of his confidants when they wrote a yellow book after the war said the Roosevelt had said in the like 1934 1935.

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