It’s funny, in a pathetic and sad sort of way, how Reverend Jesse Jackson is still desperately clinging to any sort of relevance despite his fade from prominence in national politics over the past many years. In fact I had recently wondered what had become of the Reverend Jesse and his rent-a-riot circus. I hadn’t heard from him since his son left office in disgrace amid scandal and concerns of mental health problems.

In Flint however, it seems the Reverend Jesse has found a swan song cause to hang his hat on. He is preaching the sermon of poor black people exploited by powerful white politicians and business leaders. In fact he is taking it a step further and screaming racism.

I guess the good Reverend hasn’t listened to the Steve Gruber Show enough to learn from doctors, politicians, activists and Flint residents alike that the problem with lead in the city isn’t unique and isn’t isolated to people of color. In fact numerous Michigan cities that are lilly white like Ionia, Owosso and Adrian have problems with lead in their communities as well. But lets face it, that does not fit the mantra of white people are killing black people intentionally by poisoning their water. Ooops did we fail to mention that white people live in Flint too? Yeah- it seems the Reverend Jesse failed to mention that too.

Let me put it this way, Jesse Jackson is a political opportunist who has made his living by capitalizing on the industry of victimhood.

I for one have had enough. Take your sermon Reverend and move along. What we need now are long term solutions and not vitriole.