The Republican Party has decided to cancel television ads for the final two weeks of Michigan's U.S. Senate race.  This is an indication that the Republicans are spending money on other races to help drive the vote for Senate majority.

Currently Gary Peters D-MI is leading the race for Michigan's senate seat.  Peters is running against Republican Terri Lynn Land.  The National Republican Senatorial Committee has pulled almost $1 million in advertising for the Michigan race.

Gary Peters is the Democratic candidate for Senate from Michigan.
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

So far Land and her supporters have spent $18 million in September on ads, but Peters has only spent $14 million.

In order to gain control of the Senate the Republicans will need to gain 6 seats in the November elections.

Special interest groups and independent advertisers have also pulled money out of the Michigan race, indicating that they too think Land is too far behind to pull out a win.