The media is in a feeding frenzy about Donald Trump’s alleged racism. It is a nakedly manufactured story from the enemies of Trump who are desperate to find anything to attack him and knock him off his pedestal as frontrunner.

What did Trump do? Nothing actually. A reporter yelled a question last Friday about him being endorsed by David Duke- a guy who hasn’t been talked about in the news for a quarter century. Trump said “I disavow, ok?” Apparently that comment and at least three others since are not enough.

In fact, Republicans are peddling this filth instead of Democrats for once. This is usually the cesspool where the likes of Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton wallow. However this year, the establishment is so unnerved it has tapped mainstream Republicans to do primetime hit jobs. Mitt Romney has made two daylight attacks on Trump in the last week. First Romney suggests Trump is refusing to release his tax returns because there is “likely a bombshell” in there somewhere. He of course offered no proof of anything. It was pure, venomous speculation. That didn’t work. Re-load. So now Romney has joined the chorus of disingenuous Republicans attacking Trump for allegedly not disavowing the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan, really?

Other mainstream Republicans piling on Trump are of course other GOP hopefuls including Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. That is sleazy enough but then Paul Ryan joins the ruckus and alludes to the notion that Trump is somehow connected to hate groups. In order to believe this idea, you would have to believe that Donald Trump is doing so despite the fact his daughter, son in law and grandchild are Jewish. It is preposterous to think he is in any way sympathetic to anti-Semitic groups.

What is it about Donald Trump that has both Republicans and Democrats in fear of his continued candidacy and success?

When everyone is screaming how bad he is and how dangerous he is and how he must be stopped- it makes you wonder what he is doing right.