As reported by the Lansing State Journal, Michigan State Rep. Tom Barrett's, R-Potterville, first acts in the new legislature would undo one of Gov. Rick Snyder’s first laws in office.

Barrett has introduced a bill to repeal the state’s controversial tax on pension income.

“It is fundamentally unfair to tax our retirees in a way that they could not anticipate throughout their working careers,” Barrett stated in a news release Thurdsay.

Will he succeed? Who knows. It is not an election year, so there is a chance.

By the way, this is Barrett's first term in office, so maybe he has some things to learn.

What are your thoughts?

Remember ,the state of Michigan was one of only 10 states that did not tax pensions.

Is it fair for people who don't have any other retirement plans to pay income tax, but not people with pensions?

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